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What is The Favourite Underwear Of The Worlds Elite Footballers !!

Posted on by Andrew Douglas

We know everything about them, we get inspiration from their Boot Styles, Hairstyles, & We badly attempt their best skills on the 5aside pitch. But what about their Underwear?

Have you ever been just chilling out watching football & you find yourself questioning, What do they wear under the kit? What type of Underwear do our favourite players wear onto the field? No? Great, neither have we, & now thanks to some investigative work from the team here at Underwear Direct, you will never have to. Because we have got the answers. 

When we started to think about it further, we began to question if there is a go-to style they prefer & if there is, should we be rocking them for our weekly five aside ? or Sunday league Outings.

I mean it is not something we get to see too often, we don't have the inside track, underwear sightings are thankfully rare in the beautiful game.

We have had a few high profile incidents in recent times. & there is only one place to start. 


The Controversial Ones.


He is undoubtedly the greatest player of our generation. He has more premier League Goals than Messi, Zidane, Pele & Maradona combined. He has more International Goals for Denmark than Christiano Ronaldo, & he has never lost a single La Liga game. It is of Course Nicklas ( Lord ) Bendtner. After scoring against Portugal, Bendtner exposed the top of his pants to
reveal betting website Paddy Power.The Danish Football Association ruled the former Arsenal and Sunderland player’s underwear stunt infringed on an exclusive sponsorship deal, along
with UEFA’s rules against ambush marketing.He was fined £80k.


Stephen Ireland

With the new Superman movie, Man of Steel set to wow audiences, footballer
Steven Ireland was ahead of the curve. In 2007, while playing for Manchester City, the Irish midfielder scored a scorching strike against Sunderland.But he faced trouble from the FA after he dropped his shorts to reveal a pair
of Superman boxers.

Manager Sven Goran-Eriksson said at the time: “I saw his celebration. Superman
— super goal. Stephen scored a nice goal and I’d like to leave it there.
Maybe the FA will look at it but I hope not.”


Rino Gattuso

Former Rangers midfielder Rino Gattuso is a bit of a serial offender when it
comes to taking his shorts off.He famously revealed his tighty whiteys during a match for Italy against Egypt
when a tackle caused him to flash more flesh than usual.The fiery midfield hard man also stripped off after a match against Roma in
2011 when his AC Milan side secured their 18th league title.


That Ronaldo Changing Room Shot.





There was a trend appearing, apart from the Stunts from Bendtner & Ireland. The brief was dominating. But we needed overwhelming proof that the brief was the coolest, most popular go-to Underwear for the footballing elite.

Then we found this.


& this.

& this.



We needed no other proof, Totti, Buffon & Pirlo have a lot in common all being cool AF is the main one. & If the brief is good enough for them then it will be good enough for my pub team on Sunday. But why the Brief?

The Brief.

We Will Lets the experts at GQ explain.

Firstly forget those briefs your mum used to buy you, the new generation of briefs on the market right now are sleeker and more stereotype-breaking than ever. And there’s a reason why the above footballers, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo & others wear them in underwear campaigns: they’re the best choice for guys with bigger thighs. If you’re repping thicker trunks, you’ll tend to find underwear with legs attached like boxer-briefs, tend to ride up during the day, causing a roll in the material that will inevitably show through slim trousers.

Briefs are also good for shorter guys as they expose more of your legs, making them appear longer and you, therefore, taller.

Perhaps most importantly, this style is superbly supportive - so spot-on if you’re a cardio fiend. While for day-to-day dressing we’d recommend going for a pair in cotton,

One thing to bear in mind is different leg holes cut at different angles - this can affect the way they fit. A slimmer section of material underneath the waistband usually means less material at the back of the pants themselves, so these are more suited to guys with smaller posteriors (or one that’s continually being tightened up at the gym). If you are blessed with something larger back there, look out for briefs with slightly more material above the thigh area as this will give more coverage behind.


Right That's it we are off to raid the stock room for the footy on Sunday & If you fancy trying a pair for yourself, Then we have two great options  & you can have 20% off use code comeback20

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