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What Are The Best Styles of Underwear to Wear to The Gym ?

Posted on by Andrew Douglas

It is a question that we get asked regularly here at Underwear Direct, Is regular underwear suitable for the gym? Will they irritate me? Will they make me sweat more ? & In the last couple of Months, the guys over at The AskMen carried out some researches & reviews of the best underwear for guys when working out or training.

We loved the article and found the content so informative & educational, however, we noticed that it was all based on sportswear brands, which in an Ideal world is fantastic, but if like some of us guys here in the office, you simply don't have separate collections of Underwear for every day & working out. We decided to look at their finding & see how you can you boss the gym, remain comfortable & not break the bank.

There are already enough things to worry about at the gym. Did the last guy wipe his gross sweat off the bench? Will there be any dumbbells left by the time I finally make it over to the rack? If I do one more set will I actually pass out? The last thing you want to worry about is your underwear.

Yes, there’s a pretty hard and fast rule about free-balling in the gym. You just don’t do it. Man parts are to be secured at all costs. You want something light and breathable but underwear that also offers security. No one wants to spend half their session adjusting their junk in between sets. And perhaps, this is what compression shorts are for.

But if you don’t necessarily have the cash to stock up on numerous expensive pairs of workout-specific tights. You can just as easily opt for a pair of regular underwear, but there are a few things to look out for.

The Fit.

Every man has their preferences when it comes to fit but there are certain fits you should avoid in the gym. The comfy Boxers you love are great but they won't cut it at the gym, Instead, we recommend briefs or trunks, boxer briefs are just about acceptable as long as you are wearing a longer short to match.

The Brief.


Life & Glory 5pk Available at £14.99

The Trunk.

Life & Glory 5pk Available at £14.99

The Colours.

If you are like me & prefer to play it safe with your underwear, it is possible to add some tonal prints & still keep your underwear under the radar but Firstly avoid light colours, if you are working out & not there just to take selfies, then you are going to sweat, & light grey & other light colours will just enhance that, So stick with darker shades and palettes. 

Darker Shades Plain.

Born Rich Clothing 3pk Available at £12.99

Darker Tonal Prints.

Born Rich Clothing 3pk Available at £12.99

The Design.

Keeping with Darker shades does not mean you cannot make a statement, Neon or Bright trims are a great way to add colour. But also prints on darker bases work really well to hide the sweat patches.

Neon Trims.

Crosshatch Clothing 2pk Available at £7.99

Dark Colour Prints.

Crosshatch Clothing 3pk Available at £7.99




As one of the most common natural fibre fabrics out there, cotton will help you stay cool & with most of the brands today also using a % of spandex or elastane, that helps give you the extra comfort & shape retention. Many of the styles on our site are seamless under the gusset to avoid irritation and friction.


In summary, we would say that £35/£40 compression Underwear will always win out & we recommended it for the very highest level, but for us, regular guys, a decent fit & high-quality fabric will do the trick & keep us looking & feeling great in the gym.







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