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How to Choose the Right Underwear for your Man This Valentines day.

Posted on by Alex Robinson

Valentine's Day is fast approaching & you may be starting to consider what gift is right for the man in your life.

Why not be tactical about it? Be selfish a little, (in a good way) & treat your man to some stylish new underwear that you can both enjoy. It is Valentine's Day after all and inevitably he is going to want to try on his new gift, so straight away, there is a little treat for yourself.
However, the biggest and incredibly genius idea of purchasing some brand spanking new underwear for him as a gift is that by doing this you also get to throw out his 10-year-old undies that he can't be parted from, & that you cannot bare looking at a day longer.

Trying to decide what type of underwear is best suited for him may seem a bit daunting as he has his own ideas of what he wants, but as we know sometimes what he thinks he wants & what he really needs are very different.
To begin with, there are many factors when it comes to choosing underwear. fit, fabric, colour & design are key.
Men want to be fashionable with everything they wear these days & underwear has undertaken a major role in this.
Staying on trend no longer means just buying the most expensive brands, It is more about the functionality, & with so many brands now focussing on underwear, Functional underwear no longer needs to break the bank

So before you make up your mind, check out this research we carried out when setting up the site, we spoke to hundreds of guys across every walk of life & came up with the following profiles.

The Gym 

If your guy is into his fitness then comfort is going to be key here, he is going to need to be able to "breathe" in certain areas, he will want to be able to stretch and move around freely.Boxer briefs seem a favourite for gym goers, they have a slightly longer leg than briefs so they don't ride up or cause chaffing (ouch), they are comfortable and give plenty of support for their package without being restricted in movements. Colours for the gym did vary but most men wanted to stick with dark colours as it hid sweat patches, Some men though did say that they preferred white boxers as it shows off their physique more but this is for after the workout. Speaking to men that liked to run rather than attending an actual gym, said that Briefs (budgie smugglers to you and me) gave them that little extra support that was sometimes needed when jogging/running and also with them being the shortest option in underwear there was no risk of their underwear peeking out from under their shorter designed running shorts.

So if your man is into his fitness, it seems that boxer brief or Briefs are where you need to be looking.

The Student 

Students were very easy to please in our research, they focussed more on need for volume or multi packs over 1-2 good pairs, not having the access & time to do the washing regularly some even expressed to our horror that they sometimes wear the same underwear on consecutive days (not advised), so at a guess I'm going to say anything will be better than that. Giving them the benefit of the doubt though and not stereotyping all students i continued my research and it seems they like colour and lots of it. Again boxers briefs were a favourite, but instead of black, navy etc, some stated that they liked brighter colours with patterns. they wanted to make a statement. Students are typically young males, wanting to impress us ladies and they feel more comfortable and confident in statement underwear.A  few also mentioned that bright coloured underwear is a great look for holidays and festivals, so if you and your other half are planning on getting some sun, or catching your favourite band this summer, the bright colours seem to be the way forward

The Office 

Whether your guy is a businessman, tradesman or even Spiderman, underwear is important. Everything comes back to comfort, no one wants to be sitting in a meeting and be shuffling around because their underwear is uncomfortable, so if for example, your man wears a fitted suit for work or anything streamlined, you need to beware that boxers tend to ruffle and can be seen underneath their clothing. So choosing boxers or briefs is the right move.Upon talking to men in a variety of job roles the majority wanted boxer briefs due to the leg length but boxer trunks (shorter leg) were a very close second.Colour seems to reflect their character, so looks at his ties and socks for guidance. 

The Date Night

Well, it is Valentine's Day, men like to make an effort for us too in the bedroom.What underwear makes them feel more sexy & confident? All our body shapes are different and men are just as aware of this as us women, so they want something to wear that makes them feel good as well as pleasing our eye at the same time.

Overall men seem quite easy to buy for in the underwear department, but you know your man better than anyone and knowing his lifestyle makes this easier for you.

I'm hoping that I have ticked a lot of boxes in the "type" of man you're with and have helped you with your decision in where to start when it comes to choosing underwear for him. as I said earlier men and women seem to think the more expensive an item the better the functionality, not one guy we spoke to during our research brought up designer brands or the cost of the underwear, everything was focused on the fit, comfort and how it made them feel, 

Good Luck & Happy Shopping,



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